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JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - Cool Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:The Very Best of John Michael MontgomeryGenres:Country
Year:2004 Length:223 sec


He really liked flanel with red over-alls
if you look in his closet it was all that you saw
He dressed up on Sunday and thought he look neat
in a green leasure suit with wing tips on his feet

And i was 15 and real hip with long hair
and i asked momma why is daddy so square
and i couldn't belive all that he didn't know
i guess it's hard to be kool when your 40 years old

The night i turned 20 she came with the news
scared half to death and didn't know what to do
I told her i'm sorry but it's not to late there's a docter
i heard of that fixes mastakes

I though he was workin' and i was alone
but he was stang behind me when i hug up the phone
he said son there's a few thing you don't know about
if you listen real close we can figure this out
cus i was 18 and as wild as it came when one night
a young girl told me the samethingand you wouldn't be here
if she haden't said no you see it's hard to be cool when you'r 20 years old

These day's i like flanel and old leive jeans
and i look at my young boy who just turned 15 and i know what he's thinking
but's it ok to know because it's hard to be cool
when your 15 years old


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