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Usher - Pop Ya Collar Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Pop Ya Collar
Album:Pop Ya CollarGenres: 
Year:2000 Length:218 sec


it seems a shame when you're doing well people hate u yeah .you gotta live for u and no one else .people make u feel like you're not being real it's not how ya wanna live ya gotta d for you what you gotta do (dig that) just pop ya collar don't let what people say bother u u perpertraters i got somthin' to say u can eat it or throw it way he y laydies hey my fellas ya know you're doing good because you're jealous pop when you 're easlilly sure you'll get up pop tell me your fellas might be jealous but you know that don't they mean it i just pop my collar tip my hat and turn my back on the one's who hated me never going home alone then you got it u no it's own


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