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Beth Nielsen Chapman - Heads Up For The Wrecking Ball Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Heads Up For The Wrecking Ball
Album:Sand and WaterGenres: 
Year: Length:238 sec


I used to live in a darkend room Had a face of stone And a heart of gloom Lost my hope,I was so far gone Cryin all my tears With the curtains drawn I didn`t know until my soul broke free I`ve got these angels watching over me Chorus: Oh watch me go I`m a happy girl Everbody knows That the sweetest thing you`ll ever see In the whole wide world Is a happy girl I used to hide in a party crowd Bottled up inside Feeling so left out Standing in the corner wearing concrete shows With my frozen smile And my lighted fuse Now everytime I start tp feel like that I roll my heart out like a welcome mat (Chorus) Laugh when I feel like it Cry when I feel like it That`s how it goes Oh watch me go I`m a happy girl And I`ve come to know That the world won`t change Just `cause I complain Let the axis twirl I`m a happy girl (Chorus) Oh,yeah Oh,yeah I`m a happy girl


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