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Beth Nielsen Chapman - In The Time It Takes Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:In The Time It Takes
Album:You Hold the KeyGenres: 
Year:2001 Length:258 sec


In the time it takes to tell you
I could show you
In the time it takes to wonder
You could know
Everything inside my heart
Waiting for this dance to start
All you gotta do
All you gotta do is let go...

In the time it takes to want me
You can have me
And you'd never have to ask how much i care
Love for me is not some game
Any time you call my name
I'll be there

Like a star that's traveled years to shine
Like a song that wants to hear the rhyme
In the time it takes
In the time it takes

Like a spark that makes your soul ignite
Only love knows when the moments right
In the time it takes
In the time it takes

Nothing i wouldn't give
Knowing i couldn't live without you
And if i get my wish
Heavens gonna help me
Heavens gonna make you mine

(repeat chorus)


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