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Song:Give Me Just A Little More Time
Album:It's So GoodGenres:Dance Music; Electronic; House; Jazz; Latin Freestyle; Pop Music; Rhythm and Blues
Year:2000 Length:277 sec


I`m sitting here as the sands of time are blown away
I`m feeling hurt of the faith that I`ve been showing
We spend our lives hiding what we feelIn a haze dismiss from what is real
It`s time to tell the truth now
You know in time I find myself
My heart and me, your love will help


Give me give me just a little more time
I`ll be back on my feet again
You`ll see you`ll see my loving in time
I`ll be loving you till the end

I need to feel the touch of your coming spirit
Will you guide me you know that I believe it
My legs are weak, will you help me stand
I`ve got to make a change I`m trying to understand
Now listen to me yeah
Just take control don`t let me go
Just comfort me so I will know

Corus 2x

This heart of mine can let you go
Just stay with me and I will show
To the end of time you`ll always be
Always there for me

Corus 3x


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