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Feargal Sharkey - Track 17 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 17
Album:The Original 80's Box SetGenres:80s
Year: Length:270 sec

Lyricist: Feargal Sharkey


I Hear A Lot Of Stories, I Suppose They Could Be True,
all About Love, And What It Can Do To You.
highest Risk Of Striking Out, The Risk Of Getting Hurt,
and Still, I Have So Much To Learn.
i Know, 'cause I Think About It All The Time.
i Know That Real Love Ist Quite A Price.

and A Good Heart These Days Is Hard To Find,
(A Good Heart) True Love, The Lasting Kind.
a Good Heart These Days Is Hard To Find,
so Please Be Gentle With This Heart Of Mine.

my Expectations May Be High, I Blame It On My Youth.
soon Enough I'll Learn The Painful Truth.
i'll Face It Like A Fighter, Then Boast Of How I've Grown,
anything Is Better Than Being Alone.
i Know 'cause I Learn A Little Every Day.
i Know 'cause I Listen When The Experts Say-

that A Good Heart These Days Is Hard To Find...

yes, I'm Reflecting All My Childhood Dreams.
my Ideas Of Love Weren't As Foolish As They Seemed.
if I Don't Start Looking Now, I'll Be Left Behind,
and A Good Heart These Days, It's Hard To Find.
i Know It's A Dream I'm Willing To Defend.
i Know It Will All Be Worth It In The End.

and A Good Heart These Days Is Hard To Find...(Twice)
a Good Heart - (7 Times)


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