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Song:My Heart Keeps Walkin' the Floor
Album:Ride, Ride, RideGenres:4
Year:1966 Length:160 sec


(Liz Anderson)
? ? '67 Greenback Music ?

I seem to be collected and composed give people that impression I suppose
But I know you don't love me anymore so my heart keeps walkin' the floor
When I go out to places where we've been I never watched to see if you come in
My fingers don't tap tables anymore but my heart keeps walkin' the floor
The way I'm missing you must always be a secret between myself and me
The part of seeing you gives me a chill afraid I want you so afraid I will
I spend my nights just waiting for the day
When light will come and chase the dark away
My eyes may fall asleep just like before but my heart keeps walkin' the floor
[ steel ]
The way I'm missing you...
Yes my heart keeps walkin' the floor


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