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Song:Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw
Album:CD 4, MGM studio sessions 10-08-1951 to 23-09-1952Genres: 
Year: Length:192 sec


Recorded by hank williams, sr.

Written by bonnie dodd


A [f] tongue can accuse and carry bad [c] news

The [f] seeds of distrust, it will [c] sow

But [f] unless youve made no mistakes in your [c] life

Be careful of [g7] stones that you [c] throw.


[c] a neighbor was passing my [f] garden one time

[c] she stopped and I knew right away [g7]

That it was gossip, not flowers, she had on her mind [c]

And this is what I heard my neighbor say:

[c] 'that girl down the street [f] should be run from our midst

[c] she drinks and she talks quite a lot [g7]

She knows not to speak to my child or to me.' [c]

My neighbor then smiled and I thought:



A car speeded by and the screamin of brakes

A sound that made my blood chill

For my neighbors one child had been pulled from the path

And saved by a girl lying still.

The child was unhurt and my neighbor cried out:

'oh! who was that brave girl so sweet? '

I covered the crushed, broken body and said:

'the bad girl who lived down the street.'



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