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Song:All the Works of Nature Which Adorn the World Quiet as the Snow
Album:Human. :||: Nature.Genres:Gothic Metal
Year:2020 Length:245 sec

Lyricist: Nightwish


We see a mother with no child
We meet a stranger poor, exiled
How's the heart while it still beats?
Asks a no-one
Another John Doe

Sorrow hides well in your shell
A fellow man with hurt to spare
Dear one
Here I am to share the fear
An act of kindness
Without an amen

How's the heart
Underneath the silence?
How's the one
Drowning in the mire?
Let us sound a human paean
Come in, the fire's warm
Burn the rope and dance some more

We met where the cliff greets the sea
Shared a story, took the leap
Rose up rooted, hid a note
You know where
You've been there

Now there's one who came from me
A child of light, another tale
Dear one
Night will come but not to stay
The answer's in the

Fair winds my love
Fly towards the calm
Fly utterly lost
Towards a beating heart

How is that heart
Underneath the silence?
How is the one
Drowning in the mire?
Let us sound a human paean
Come on in, the fire's warm
Dull the blade and dance some more


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