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NEW EDITION - Newness Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:One LoveGenres:R&B
Year: Length:364 sec


Look at you, more beautiful than ever

[Verse 1]

Did I stay away too long

Have we grown apart

Are we still cool?

Crazy ideas I’ve been thinking every minute

Cause I miss you

Now you look more beautiful

Than the day I first met you

Yes, true love keeps growing up

But it always grows younger


I see your face and everything is new again

Love till the end

Starts over again

Just like the first time

Feels like the first time

Every time

My heart knew I’d go back to the beginning but

remembering when we traded our first kisses

That loving feeling hasn’t changed

The newness stays the same

Just like the first time

[Verse 2]

I see your face in the Vibe is sexy

Come take a picture with paparazzi

And I’ll be feeling on your hips all over again and again

And if you ask I’ma take it to the kitchen on the sink and strip

Keep ya feeling like you loving the relationship

And I think I’ma love you till the end starts up again

Even best friends

But then that’s how its always been

Like a classic chardonnay

Your so sweet and so smooth girl

I appreciate you babe

Cause when we get together

It gets better and better



From the moment I fell in love with you

You stirred a feeling like I never knew

How could it be my dreams could come all true?

Still fresh every time

Every ? a new



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