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NEW EDITION - One Love Interlude Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:One Love Interlude
Album:One LoveGenres:R&B
Year: Length:124 sec


(Mike spoken)

You know done seen a lot of things coming up

the game done changed so much man

the people aint the same, the music aint the same

but New Edition, we here though and we aint gon never change


As a young man coming up in the game i seen a lot of things

accomplished a lot of dreams

but on my road to stardom i seen some things i didnt understand

like how another man could down another man

if he's your brother man why dont you give him a hand

and show him how to do it whoa oh oh


we aint always gotta fight like they say we do

but we can come together and make a power move ooohh

be one with the music and let the harmony speak for itself

we dont need no help we got our own nation to give

we gotta grow


all we need is one love one love

for my sisters and brothers, fathers

need to help the single mothers mothers

all we need is one love

(repeat chorus)

(Ron spoken)

Yeah, there is it

NE one world one love


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