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Song:Love's Unkind
Album:The Best of Donna SummerGenres:Rock
Year:2001 Length:266 sec


Well I see him every morning in the schoolyard when the schoolbell rings
And when he passes in the hallway, well he doesn't seem to notice me
He's got a crush on my best friend
But she don't care, 'cause she loves someone else
I'm standing on the outside, not the inside where I wanna be

CHORUS: Love's unkind, love's unkind
Love's unkind, 'cause he's not mine

Just the other day I was praying that he'd give me a chance
Hoping he would choose me for his partner for the high school dance
I was standing outside the class
But it wasn't me, but my best friend, he asked
I went running back inside teary-eyed and left the two of them behind


Spoken: Oh how I love him so, but I can't even let him know.
'Cause he loves my best friend.
But she don't care, she loves someone else.
And I asked my mama, and she said: Love's unkind.
Love's so unkind.
She said: Just keep it alive.
'Cause you may find love's unkind.

Love's unkind, love's unkind, love's unkind

Spoken: Oh, why did I have to love him so.
Why did I have to love him so.


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