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Emmylou Harris - You
Song:You've Been on My Mind
Album:Bluebird [Us Import]Genres:Country
Year:1988 Length:175 sec

Lyricist: Emmylou Harris


(Rodney Crowell)

Guess it's time for me to say
Just how it is that I feel today
Today is just like any other day
'Cause you've been on my mind.

It really hasn't been that long
But it's funny where the time has flown
Mem'ries just keep holding on
And you been on my mind.

You been on my mind
Aometimes I think I must be going blind
I've seen a world baby, without you
But I don't see myself there too.

Hardly does a day go by
When I don't see your clear blue eyes
Many nights I just wonder why
And you been on my mind.

--- Instrumental ---

You've been on my mind so long
I've been thinking that something was wrong
I've told myself I should forget
But I don't seem to have it yet.

I don't dream that you might change
I don't think that I'm acting strange
I tell myself it's all in vain
And you been on my mind.

You've been on my mind I've said
Till it's all that's in my head
Yes, I know what I must do
But I don't think you'll be there too.

Guess it's time for me to go
But as it is I'll never know
Just what it is that I long for so
And you been on my mind...


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