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Queens Of The Stone Age - The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Album:Rated RGenres:Rock
Year: Length:215 sec


I've got a secret, I cannot say

Blame all the movement to give it away

You've got somethin, I understand

Holding it tightly, caught on command

Leap of faith, do you doubt?

Cut you in, I just cut you out


Whatever you do

Don't tell anyone

Whatever you do

Don't tell anyone

Look for reflections, in your face

Canine devotion, time can't erase

Out on the corner, locked in your room

I never believe them and I never assume

Still can't believe there is a lie

Promises promise, an eye for an eye

We've got something to reveal

No one can know how we feel

[repeat chorus 2x]

I think you already know

How far I'd go not to say

You know the art is gone

And I'm taking this all to the grave

[repeat chorus]


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