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Queens Of The Stone Age - Ode to Clarissa Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Ode to Clarissa
Album:Rated RGenres:Rock
Year: Length:159 sec


I knock on your door
I tiptoe on the floor
I hope your daddy ainÂ't home right now
He warned me once before

You know he warned me once before

I stay up late
So we can keep our date
I love that we donÂ't get no sleep
So to your window I creep
You know he warned me once before

IÂ'm the one your mamma told ya ‘bout
IÂ'm the one your pappa told ya ‘bout

Now youÂ're in love
And why shouldnÂ't you be
IÂ'm everything youÂ'll never be
You say donÂ't leave
Baby, I canÂ't wait
Next time, we share my second base

repeat chorus


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