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Song:Talking to you
Year:1993 Length:274 sec

Lyricist: Jimmy Barnes


Lyrics to Talking To You :
I?m talking to you but your not listening
I believed every word you say
But one hand gave while the other one took it away
I trusted you but you deceived me
The hand of fate has left no trace
But you use it now just to smash my face
I feel like talking to you but that don?t do me no good
My words don?t make it through
Don?t know the meaning of truth
Never did, should?ve known that you never would
I remember times when you looked real fine
And my heart was yours but your eyes were blind
And the way you swayed in time just blew my mind
When you smiled at me, how was I to know
You were not so young for a girl to show
Her loving feelings kept inside
But sooner or later, somebody?s gonna figure it out


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