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Song:A Woman Left Lonely
Album:Box of Pearls cd 4Genres:Other
Year: Length:224 sec

Lyricist: Janis Joplin


A woman left lonely
Will soon grow tired of waiting
She'll do crazy things
On lonely occasions

A simple conversation
With a new man now and again
Makes a touchy situation
When a good thing's comin' to an end

And when she gets lonely
She's thinkin' 'bout her man
She knows he's takin' her for granted
Honey, she doesn't understand

Well, the fevers of the night,
They burn an unloved woman
Yeah, those red-hot flames
Try to push old love aside

A woman left lonely
Is just a victim of her man, yes she is
When he can't keep up his own world, no
She's got to do the best that she can

A woman left lonely
Ohh, that lonely girl


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