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Song:Man Meets Boy
Album:Sunday LoveGenres:Rock
Year:2006 Length:212 sec


Man meets boy
Shattered summer
Broken dreams
Too young to know
What he wants is so extreme

He held you down
Told you not to scream or cry
From that day forward baby
You just wondered why

Oh child it's not your fault
Don't rub your wounds with salt

He can't hurt you anymore
I am your friend
My love will be your cure
He can't hurt you anymore
Give me your hand
I'll help you fight your war
Cause he can't hurt you anymore

Man meets boy
Quiet churches
Empty streets
And secrets stored
Behind close doors
Between the sheets

Oh no one knows till it's too late
The damage deepens
In the end something's neath
The surface creeping

You held it in so long
I knew that something's wrong


Baby you're not alone
(It's too late the damage deepens)
Don't turn your heart to stone
(Something neath the surface creeping)


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