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Chris Brown - Gimme That Remix Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Gimme That Remix
Album:Chris Brown Gimme That RemixGenres:R&B
Year:2005 Length:186 sec


(lil wayne)
what it is folk
this right here is that 16 year old phenom
Chris Breeezy
me myself im the 23 year old ceo

Young carter harder than them other boys
i aint even f**king baby
i could take a summer off
i could break a women off
i could take her stomach off
one of my trucks now im ridin in the good
line it all up garunteed youll get served
Lil Chris here said run it so i run it to her
im that cash money youngin birdman jr
just a president lookin for a monicur (chris)

the young boi just turned 16 and i got 6 4s and hot bikes that i rock
keep 3 or 4 sweeties on my clock
but all the swangin in they bikinis just might convince em'
slow all the traffic down to a complete stop
'cause you speak and thats slang that i talk
that sassy tempo with that walk
may be the reason that all these teenagers may never seen me

(chorus x2)
mama you may be 3 years older but you hot
Gimme That
you be talkin like you like what i got
Gimme That
i kno you like it how i lean in the lac you could be in the back sayin
Gimme Gimme Gimme

verse 2

momma take a break let me explain to you
what your body got a young boy ready to do
we can take a test and let me put them thangs on you
i can show you why im makin straight a's in school

just my frame and age
got you thinkin that im just too young to turn your page
I can PICTURE!!!
us switchin lanes in the coop
with you on the phone screaming my name

ooooooh, oh
girl you serious and ill be watchin you
(lil wayne)
That's what ya body sayin
Heeeeyyyyyyyyyy (YA'LL READY)

weezy baby baby what it do im tryin to holla at ya
i aint upset but ill blind ya if i smile at ya
you rockin wit young chris and the best rapper
so leave ya phone bring ya friends and let the rest happen
a lil patrome, a lil hen, im on cavalee vodka
im in cavalii jeans got on cavalii boxers
im fresher than a new born and um i can work you out like a futon and um
you could leave your birthday suit on
im a leave my boots on
im a leave my jewels on
never kno what you want
im a leave that tool on
never know who home
learned it from a biggie song
on to a new one
something like a red bone
ooh i think she like me she got me on her ringtone
and i told her get here girl and dont u stunt now give me that funk that gushy stuff


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