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Jimmy Nail - Running Man Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Running Man
Album:The Nail FileGenres:Rock/Pop
Year: Length:221 sec


Can you hear it in your streets?
Talk so cheap like tumbledown
Empty words and dirty deeds
Words so deep we all could drown

Promise of a world so fine
A picture-postcard pepperdine
And all you have to do is sign
Upon that dotted line

Take the word of one who knows
Hear it comes, there it goes
Get yourself out while you can
Save you from the running man

I'll decide what I believe
No-one's gonna change me now
And I'll say how I live this life
You're not gonna tell me how

Promise of a world so fine
No more drugs, an end to crime
Don't you see for folks like mine
Your ways have had their time

Heaven help the chosen few
You best start prayin' that it's not you
Get your kids out while you can
Save them from the running man

Take your vision some place else
Give to them your tired tale
Can't you hear those ringing bells?
Can't you see your bread is stale?

Promise of a world so fine
Angels drinking turpentine
Don't you know we know that line
We've heard it all before

Close your mouths and close your doors
Spare us all from any more
Get your guns out while you can
Save you from the running man


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