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Guns N
Song:I Don't Care About You
Album:The Spaghetti Incident?Genres:Rock
Year: Length:292 sec



I'm from south Philadelphia

I'm from Avenue C??

I've seen empty hands it was ready to freeze????

From the valley hotel??


I Don't Care About You

Fuck you!

I Don't Care About You

Fuck you!

I seen Hollywood Boulevard

Wellfair hotel

And I spent the night in jail

At the Wilkins Hotel


I seen an old man have a heart attack in Manhattan

Well, he died while we just stood their looking at him

Ain't he killed ????


I seen men rolling drugs

I seen bodies in the streets

I saw a man who was sleeping in his own puke

And a man with no leg crawl down 5th street

Trying to God to get something to eat


Fuck you!


Uh, that hurt man




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