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Song:I Will Change My Life
Album:In EnglishGenres:Chanson Francaise
Year:1966 Length:173 sec


Life is never only one man
One single face shining bright
Life is never only one love
There with you in the night
You don't need much to light the flame
And so little to be burned
Here am I with you all the same
I'm forgetting all I've learned
I will change my whole life
Everything I ought to remember
Will soon be gone
I will change my whole life
If that's what you want
I'll be glad to let you lead me on
I will change all my friends
If that's what you'd like
I'll do anything you want me to
If you really love me
I know I could give it all up
And change my whole life for you
I will change my ideas
And I admit until I'd met you
That I was all wrong
I will change direction
Without a doubt about the road that
I'm going along
If you're there to lead me
If there's a chance
A million to one chance
Now that you'll stay
If you really love me
As crazy as it may seem
I will change my whole life today


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