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Song:All Over The World
Album:Roses & SunshineGenres:Chanson Francaise
Year:1963 Length:201 sec


As I've looked around
At the life I'm living,
More and more, I found
Life is for the giving
Children know the way
Loving and forgiving

All over the world,
The children are singing
All over the world,
You see them at play
Why must we destroy
The joy they are bringing?
All over the world,
Let love show the way

Then, we were very young
Love's a gift for sharing
But as we grow up,
We forget the caring
Why must we go on
Distrusting and despairing?


Innocent and free,
Hear the children's laughter
Why can't people be
Happy ever after?
Let this song of hope
Ring from every rafter


There in Neverland,
See the children playing,
Walking hand in hand
Innocently playing
Can't we understand
A single word they're saying?



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