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Worlds Apart - Track  6 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 6
Album:Queen Dance TraxGenres:Pop
Year: Length:229 sec


An Amazing Feeling
comin' Through

i Was Born To Love You
with Every Single Beat Of My Heart
yes, I Was Born To Take Care Of You
every Single Day... Of My Life


you Are The One For Me
i Am The Man For You
you Were Made For Me
you're My Ecstasy
if I Was Given Every Opportunity
i'd Kill For Your Love

so Take A Chance With Me
let Me Romance With You
i'm Caught In A Dream
and My Dream's Come True
it's So Hard To Believe
this Is Happening To Me
an Amazing Feeling
comin' Through


i Wanna Love You
i Love Every Little Thing About You
i Wanna Love You, Love You, Love You
born-To Love You
born-To Love You
i Was Born To Love You
born-To Love You
born-To Love You
every Sing Day-Of My Life

repeat (X2)


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