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Donovan - 01-Jennifer Juniper Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:01-Jennifer Juniper
Album:Donovan's Greatest HitsGenres:60s
Year:2014 Length:124 sec


Jennifer, Juniper, Lives Upon The Hill.
jennifer, Juniper, Sitting Very Still.
is She Sleeping I Don't Think So.
is She Breathing Yes, Very Low.
watcha Doung Fennifer My Love

jennifer, Juniper, Rides A Dappled Mare.
jennifer, Juniper Lilacs In Her Hair.
is She Dreaming Yes I Think So.
is She Pretty Yes Ever So.
watcha Doing, Jennifer My Love

I'm Thinking Of What Would It Be Like If She Loved Me.
You Know Just Lately
This Happy Song, It Came Along And I Had To Somehow Try And Tell You

jennifer, Juniper, Hair Of Golden Flax
jennifer, Juniper Longs For What She Lacks.
do You Like Her Yes I Do, Sir!
would You Love Her Yes I Would, Sir!
watcha Doing Jennifer My Love

jennifer, Juniper, Jennifer, Juniper, Jennifer, Juniper


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