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Album:Deutsche Jahres-ChartsGenres:Tophits
Year:1952 Length:161 sec


Zarah Leander
Gazing down at the Jung
Frau, From our secret chalet for two
Let us drink, Liebchen mein
In the moonlight benign, Of the joy of our dream come true.
Wunderbar, wunderbar!
What a perfect night for love, Here am I, here you are, Why it's truly wunderbar!
Wunderbar, wunderbar!
We're alone and hand in glove, Not a cloud, near or far, Why it's more than wunderbar!
Oh I care, dear, for you madly, And I long dear, for your kiss.
I would die, dear, for you gladly, You're divine dear!
And you're mine, dear!
Wunderbar, wunderbar!
There's our favourite star above, What a bright shining star, Like our love, it's wunderbar!
Wunderbar love, it's wunderbar!
Quelle: Musixmatch
Songtext von Wunderbar Chappell & Co., Inc.


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