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SUBLIME - Burritos Lyrics - Zortam Music
Year: Length:235 sec

Lyricist: Sublime


I don't wanna shoot the pier
I don't wanna take the doggie out for a walk
I don't wanna look at naked chicks and drink beer
I don't wanna do a bong load and go and wrench on the car
I don't wanna go and hose the dogshit down
Cause i aint even gonna get out of bed
Keep on skankin' ronnie skank the night away
But the time has come for us all to pay
I don't wanna watch no porno
I don't wanna play guitar
I don't wanna spank the monkey
I don't wanna go down to the corner bar
Aint even got to listen to all the stupid shit you got to say
I don't wanna do a god damn thing
I aint gonna make my bed today
I don't wanna eat burritos or read about o.j.
Aint gonna get a head rush cause i aint gettin out of bed today
Sublime Burritos


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