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Anita Baker - Anita Baker Baby Come to Me Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Anita Baker Baby Come to Me
Year: Length:270 sec


something About Her, Ya Know
just Way She Carries Herself, She's Just So Bad
ummmm..i Don't Know

[verse 1]
her Style
her Mind
to Nothing On This Earth
she's Not
the Kind
to Share
but God Knows What She's Worth

i Got To Show Her That I Want Her
i Recognize That She Is Bad
if I Can't Have Her, Then I'll Go Crazy
spending All My Time Just Chasin

her Eyes, Her Smile, Her Skin, Her Smell, Her Hair
her Walk, Her Talk, Her Way, Her Savwafair
there She Goes

[verse 2]
i Hope
to Find
her There
gotta Make Some Eye Contact
the Type
to Stare
move Quick Or Lose Her Fast

[bridge 2x]
[chorus 2x]


spending All My Time Watching That Girl Go
and I Love The Way She Moves

[chorus 3x]


(Medley Of Hook And Bridge Until End


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