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Kasabian - Cunny Grope Lane Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Cunny Grope Lane
Album:West Ryder Pauper Lunatic AsylumGenres:Alt. Rock
Year:2009 Length:188 sec


Somebody Hold Their Hands Out
coz My Mind Has Gone
i'm Walking Through All The Debris
coz My Kite Have Gone
you Can't Get Through

prop Up Your Eggs And Bacon
with Your Silver Spoon
i Saw You Play Old Medusa
in The Dungeon Room
you Can't Get Through

you've! Got It! On The Brain!
go Pop Your Cherry Down Grope Cunny Lane
crowns! Shatter! King Of Spain!
you'll Lose Your Mind Down At Grope Cunny Lane

go Get The Local Doctor
and Lets Have Some Fun
i Hope I Avoid The Papers
on The Prison Run
can I Watch You

rank! Mother! City Boy!
dancing Around And Jumping For Joy
brother!! T-Shirt! King Of Spain!
you'll Lose Your Mind Down In Grope Cunny Lane


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