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Him - Soul On Fire Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Soul On Fire
Album:Love MetalGenres:Metal
Year: Length:242 sec

Lyricist: HIM


There's a flame that leads your souls astray
No one's safe from its tender touch of pain
And every day, it's looking for new slaves
To celebrate the beauty of the grave

We are like the living dead
Sacrificing all we have
For a frozen heart and soul on fire
We are like the living dead
Craving for deliverance
With a frozen heart and soul on fire

And again, we're falling for disgrace
And hate will shelter us from the rain
Well we are enslaved by the sacred heart of shame
And gently raped by the light of day

We are like the...

Addicted to our divine despair
The venom of the cross we bear
The guilt will follow us to death
We are like the...


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