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Song:The Music Played
Album:Best Of Udo JürgensGenres:Pop
Year:2009 Length:227 sec

Lyricist: Udo Jürgens


An Angry Silence Lay
where Love Had Been
and In Your Eyes A Look
i've Never Seen
if I Had Found The Words
you Might Have Stayed,
but As I Turned To Speak
the Music Played.

as Lovers Danced Their Way
around The Floor
i Sat And Watched You Walk
towards The Door
i Heard A Friend Of Yours
suggest You Stayed
and As You Took His Hand
the Music Played.

across The Darkened Room
the Fatal Signs I Saw
you've Been Something More Than Friends Before
while I Was Serving You
by Clinging To My Pride,
he Had Been Waiting
and I Drove You To Side

i Couldn't Say The Things
i Should Have Said,
refused To Let My Heart
control My Head.
but I Was Made To See
the Price I Paid
and As He Held You Close
the Music Played.
and As I Lost Your Love
the Music Played.


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