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Tim Mcgraw - Some Things Never Change Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Some Things Never Change
Album:A Place In The SunGenres:Country
Year: Length:235 sec

Lyricist: Tim McGraw


After all this time
I still miss you everyday
This same world spins 'round
I guess some things never change

Sometimes I go out
But it never feels the same
I still look for you
Baby, some things never change

When I said I'd love you for eternity
I just never knew how true those words would be

Just an old love song
Just the mention of your name
My heart breaks in two again
I guess some things never change, no

Maybe someday someone else will set me free
Until then I'll live with your love's legacy

And I'll keep holding on
Hoping you'll come back someday
You can rest assured
Baby, some things never change

Girl, I'm still in love with you
I guess some things never change

Ohhhh, ohhhhh

I still love you


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