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bomb the bass - Run Baby Run Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Run Baby Run
Album:Beat Dis (The Very Best Of Bomb The Bass)Genres:Electronic
Year:1999 Length:287 sec


Into the center, the minds of the blind
Deep penetration works every time
Dreaming that I'm lost the tombs of the pyramids
So I close my eyelids

Man, I got this sinkin' feelin'
Open my eyes and reach for the ceiling
Grab the phone, I wait for a dial tone
Please, operator, speak of the monologue

Trapped inside this circle of madness
Rip the phone from the wall with sadness
See my face, I stare in the mirror
As that reflects the eyes of a killer

As the sunset, then comes the dawn
Chased in the woods by a wolf, now it's gone
Am I dreamin' or is it a nightmare?
Wake from my dream in the woods in my underwear

It gets worse, my pulse rate's speeding
Hit by a branch or a twig, now I'm bleeding
I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown
Sounds of a hound in the dark as I turn around

I'm on the run at a steady pace
Who's in the distance? I'm hearin' the bass
Standing, I move along
The A La Mode's in the twilight zone

Razor blades of rain keep pourin'
Cuttin' the roof of my rest while I'm snoring
My next verse is stirred with the Hebrews
Time is erased with the strength of the voodoo

The realistic style of the mystic
Put together for them on plastic
Circle of movements, I guess I'm goin'
Around in a circle, that's me, A La Mode

From the rips of a torturess
On a plain, I'm profound by scorcher's
What to do with my brain, absorbed in the sun
So run, baby, run


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