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NOFX - Wolves In Wolves
Song:Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
Album:Wolves In Wolves' ClothingGenres:Punk
Year: Length:106 sec


We are Rome, Aztec Mexico, Easter Island paradigm

We are followers of Jimmy Jones, cutting in the kool-aid line

We are Animal Farm Pigs, we are a Terry Gilliam film

We are fear Oligarchy, we are wolves in wolves' clothing, we are this planet's kidney stones

In the process of getting passed, metamorphosis from first to last

A system breaking down beyond repair

A product of three million millionaires and 100 million easy marks

We are Marie Antoinette, we are Joseph McCarthy

We've finally become the divided states

A nation built on freedoms, fears, and hates, the denotaion of Irony

We all want a hollywood end, but we're getting a foreign one

The script has already been penned, and titled, "the epitaph of a drowning nation"


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