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Great White - Mistreater Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Once Bitten... (Us)Genres:Rock
Year:1987 Length:350 sec

Lyricist: Great White


(Kendall, Russell, Niven, Black)

Somethin' bout the way she walks
the way she wears her hair
Somethin' bout the way she talks
She makes her meaning clear
Animal grace, the angel face
She gets it all for free
You'll be sorry. Believe it
She used to put that on for me

Fire's in her eyes but eyes can lie
blinded by the light of the stars

She's a mean mistreater
but you just can't leave her alone
She's a mean mistreater
and you just can't leave her alone

We came to town in seventy-five
from somewhere way back east
Whole lot more to staying alive
than they tell you 'bout down on main street
Took our place, lost in space
two more dreamers in town
You know the story. Believe it
and now she chooses cold company

Fire's in her eyes but her eyes lie
listen mister take it from me

She's a mean mistreater
a stone trick teaser


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