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Song:Neon Lights
Album:The Luca Brasi StoryGenres:Hip-Hop
Year:2013 Length:220 sec

Lyricist: Kevin Gates


Public taught me a pessimist, think my thoughts too pessimistic
Reminiscing rost and garcia vapors
Just dont do swishers, or realers
Murder rap be beated, 2 am in 2 seater
Yellow thang is spreading brains
Now arch your back and lay
Face down, Im a gangster, my heart colder than chicago
This black impala just send bullets through my condo
These niggas Ive been runnin with
Pressure and they crumbling
Never have no loving in this shit
Pray to god somebody brace me

Never conversation always related, as this celebrating
Good thing of the past
Happen belated, while having her frankly
Just thought I was stated, just stated too fast
Went to the beam and was living unstable
Feel I got a way cause Im skating with cash
Man quicker lawyers and dirty attorneys will take all your money
And say that they working
Fuckin with you, stuck in this loop
You jumpin through hoops, and re run it through hurdles
Aint need your mama, but told her I promise
That when she around me, aint nothin to hurt her
She do the talkin, I cant be 2 person
Lean drinkin, no pour like, itchin for them tickets
Come hideos, must on low life
Free to speak on anything and all
Before we met not much belief in anything at all
And were finding love, underneath neon lights
Fluorescent body paint, while underneath neon lights
The sound of, loud and heat
Say my name, loud and clear
Watch we wake up all the neighbors when we making love
Im talking naked making faces really couldnt move
In the bathroom or the shower, let the water...
Like soldier slim I got enough paper for all of yall
Now the luxury whips coming with neon lights.


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