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Album:All Or Nuthin'Genres:Hip-Hop
Year:2008 Length:210 sec

Lyricist: Kevin Gates


I love my girlfriend, I be grabbing for her
He that flinch for his hip - she blamming him up
Through your chest - two detectives bagging him up
Handle em rough - he who gambles

Pray she stays straight - never jams when I’m stuck
She protected my nigga Travis - when niggas shot up the Benz
Jump up - pop - and hollerin
Stop for the stop sign - and she silent
I don’t silence her
Speak when she want
Prefer to keep her here with me
But she can sleep where she want

My nigga Nuk gave her to me like huuh
I’mma fuck with her
This the one that don’t like Anthony
Started clutching her
Hit her with that extension she lifted
I fell in love with her
Serial numbers scraped
Molested but still in shape
? traded for favors
A slave so I saved her
New Bonnie and Clyde
Of the cake cause she spray ya
Love a lot of hoes
This one here could be my favorite

With my girlfriend - catch me with my girlfriend
You might think I’m crazy
But she is not a person

Squeeze and she squirting
Don’t make me have to hurt them
Think I’m crazy
I lover her like a person

They slanderin her name
Tryin to break us apart
I could receive time
At any given time if we caught
I’m like fuck it that’s for suckers
Come on baby we sure

Picture in the paper
Cause of you they know who we are
Like the E got extra clips
On the passenger side
On top of my dick
All across my lap as I drive

You freaky it ain’t no secret
You nothing like other broads
All up under my shirt
In public you in my drawers

Hope to trust you
Sleeping with anybody who plugged you
Must you - be so cold whenever I tuck you
Don’t you - want to - maybe let me unwind you
Switching out your spring - pre-action like that 9 do
Greased so there’s no hesitation when I’m behind you
Picture she went off a nigga in the face
From the bottom - now she swimming in the bottom of a lake

From the bottom - now she swimming in the bottom of a lake

[Chorus x2]

Charming it seems
Fresh garments ? the seam
Know at any given moment
Just what karma could bring

Went from being unarmed
To arm with a thing
Try crossing without caution
Put your arm in a sling

Perhaps I’ll give elaborate detail
Of the hard ruin
Youth don’t go to school
They duck and they dodge truant
They jump in cars movin
They smart, but they all foolish

Blinded by the light
So I got em with raw music
Authentic - you niggas is all gimmicks
Talk like I was taught - don’t walk
It’s off limits

My mind been a flower in full bloom
For years
Rest of the crew sour
Pulled through with tears
Destined to be something
Forget about it or fuck it
I miss my nigga Wig
And I think about him for nothing

Black Range Rover
Me, and Mark - Hail Caesar
Tried us we stood tall
Like the Barksdale ?


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