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Song:Looking For A Right
Album:All InGenres:Hip-Hop
Year:2009 Length:147 sec

Lyricist: Kevin Gates


[VERSE 1: Kevin Gates]
Got me saying God please bless my life
Keep a weapon but it’s only to protect my life
Shirt bulky around the shoulders
So the vest ain’t right

Forever me - I ain’t never freeze
Nigga play the Desert Eag
Twin ? in the Benz
Send me where the devil be

Dope game brutal
Money slower than usual
Plug says its cool
But it move slower than usual

Then my dog always told me
Don’t never abuse it
One moment you got it
The next moment you lose it
Like I’m raw with the rap
And a fool with the music
My niggas will turn they back
First moment I lose it
Start laughing “what happen”
Like its fucking amusing

They telling me to chill
The street game is nothing
You posed to be on stage
With T-Pain and Usher
Magazine cover
Me Wayne and Bustah
Then you walk around
With like 10 chains and ?

[HOOK / Chorus]
Smell like burnt rubber
I know what’s cooking on the pipe
Say you look disgusting
Don’t make me put it in your life
I’m just looking for a vice
I ain’t looking for advice
I done did a lot of wrong
I’m just looking for a right

[VERSE 2: Kevin Gates]
Kevin Gates for President
Tote a lot of guwop
Showed my ass got harassed
By a motorcycle cop
They go “wee o wee o wee”
Looking at my watch
Start walking off
Then they ordered me to stop

My man God damn why you pulling out ya Glock
I ain’t popping I ain’t chewing
I’m just vibing to the music
Now they like the song say
Getting wild and stupid
I don’t be resisting them
I don’t know how y’all be

Where I roam something going on
Not on y’all street
“Gates look at for you boi”
Man you know how y’all be

I was doing bid shit
You niggas ain’t call me
Few niggas be mad
But a few niggas be walking

Heard you got a show
Who put a flyer
Different whips with your bitch
I am not a driver
I am not an action figure
Do not need a sidekick
Rich now they hold my dick
Like it was a sidekick

[Chorus x2]


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