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Song:Find My Way
Album:All Or Nuthin'Genres:Hip-Hop
Year:2008 Length:288 sec

Lyricist: Kevin Gates


No it can’t be life
Cause it feels like hell
One foot in the streets
And the other in jail

And I’m just trying to find my way
To a place that’s a better place

This can’t be life - not this can’t be right
I ain’t supposed to be sufferin
I ain’t supposed to be strugglin
I’m supposed to get money
I ain’t posed’ to be fumblin

My situation on the rocks
Shit I’m begging and bummin
Like I’m searching for something
And my niggas ain’t helpin
My old lady she know wassup
What the fuck I’mma tell her

I got problems and problems
I could blame on the devil
I been a fuck up all my life
Just what held it together

They be like “Kevin you should pray only heaven can help ya”
Family members threw in the towel
Cause they feel I’mma failure
I’ve been searching for years
Trying to work through the tears
Pointing this pistol at my temple
It hurts to be here
I pull this trigger - that I’m gripping
That hurt disappear
Like you heard about Gates
It ain’t certain or clear
He held that thang
Made it go bang
Let it squirt in his ear
Gave up on life that was given
It’s curtains from here


[VERSE 2: Max Minelli]
This can’t be life - I get ridiculed
When I spit at the fools
Like I lost it - my love for this shit
Been exhausted
It costed too much to floss
And for who
Niggas gonna hate you regardless
No matter what you do

No this can’t be life
It feel more like a nightmare
I tried to escape it
But reality be right there

I looked up at God
But I think I’ve been disconnected
Like he ain’t hear my prayer
Just heard it in 97

Looking back at my past
Examine - try the dissection
When I act out my rage
Scorsese couldn’t direct it

The whole world is my stage
Here go act 3 take 1
Shining light the camera
It took pressure to make one

Trying to move up like elevators
Gazing up at that penthouse suite
Whoever got plans to devastate us
Really must not know shit bout me

I tongue kissed and finger fucked my haters
Cursed with pain - and reversed my pain
Life or death I chased that shit
So I went ahead and burst that shit


OK - I’m - back to the drawing board
I - gaze in the pastor’s face
I - know - God gave up on me
So - I probably be the last to say
Don’t even show respect at church
I look around - when the pastor pray
All my loved ones passed away
Not they fault - so I had to say
Yes I’mma sit and be sad today
Might smoke blunts like half the day
My probation - my conviction
Main intent was to graduate
That ain’t shit though
Got potential - and credential - no job
Most of me - been hopelessly - unfocused
People close to me - say I ain’t shit
Cause I ain’t rich
Hoes ain’t never find me cute and
Usually was rude to me
I only went to school to eat
My uncles beat me up for stealing clothes
And ain’t give food to me
This can’t be life - I hate my life
Hardships - losing me
Fake friends - using me
Coke game - abusing me
Or maybe it’s my pride
I’m like inside I got this drive
But this drive’ll get me shot
Or prolly get me caught up
Or I’ll be selling work
When selling work will get me locked up



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