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Janis Ian - Day by Day Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Day by Day
Album:Night RainsGenres:Rock
Year:1979 Length:251 sec


Day by day, my-y heart Right from the start Tearing us apart Hour by hour, my-y soul Love takes its toll More than you can know Loving like I never wanted to Now we're here I don't know what to do Loving love isn't loving you But nothing looks the same When you're calling out my name Hour by restless hour I tell the dark It's only just a spark Night after longing night 'Til there's no more wrong or right And nothing's worth the fight Of loving in the shadow of desire Caught between the fury and the fire Day by day until we've satisfied The longest night, side by si-ide And love won't be denied Day by day, we steal All that is real From everything we feel Hour by hour, the heart Learns how to start again Calling you friend Captured by the shadows of desire Living in the fury and the fire Higher and higher-er Day by Day-ay Day by-y day Day-ay by-y day Day by-y day (fade)


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