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Song:My Heart's Too Broke
Album:Almost GoodbyeGenres:Country
Year: Length:153 sec


(lonnie wilson, kim williams, phil barnhart)

My heart's too broke to pay attention
If love was a penny i couldn't afford to fall
Every girl in the world tonight could have sweet intentions
My heart's too broke to pay attention

I was heart broke and feelin' down
Billy joe said let's go to town
He said an ounce of cure
Is worth a pound of prevention
He said i know a little waterin' hole
Where the band is hot and the beer is hot
There's more woman there
Than at a tupperware convention

Repeat chorus

I aint ready for another love
Billy joe's trying to fix me up
He's a friend to the end
He's a man on a mission
He just punched me in the side
Said did you see what just walked by
She had a million dollar smile
And a body in mint condition


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