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Song:I'm Wild About You Baby
Album:Abc Of The BluesGenres:Blues
Year:2010 Length:174 sec


Yes she made me mad

You don't know baby what I got on my mind
You can't quit me, that no need no time
I'm wild about you baby, I'm wild about you baby
I'm wild about you baby, as wild as I can be

Been a long time, oh long

Well I woke this morning this is what she said
Sam I dreamed that you was dead
You know it was Sammy
It was Sam and a shame
You don't understand, I done (?) my name

I don't want no woman who wants to have a man in town
She ain't no good for nothing (?) down
I'm mad, I'm mad
I'm mad about the Blues I once have had

Sick and tired
I know you could do it


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