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Simon And Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Scarborough Fair
Album:Simon And Garfunkel Greatest HitsGenres:Rock
Year: Length:187 sec

Lyricist: Simon and Garfunkel


A Winter's Day
in A Deep And Dark December;
i Am Alone,
gazing From My Window To The Streets Below
on (A) Freshly Fallen Silent Shroud Of Snow.
i Am A Rock,
i Am An Island.

i've Built Walls,
a Fortress Deep And Mighty,
that None May Penetrate.
i Have No Need Of Friendship; Friendship Causes Pain.
it's Laughter And It's Loving I Disdain.
i Am A Rock,
i Am An Island.

don't Talk Of Love,
but I've Heard The Words Before;
it's Sleeping In My Memory.
i Won't Disturb The Slumber Of Feelings That Have Died.
if I Never Loved I Never Would Have Cried.
i Am A Rock,
i Am An Island.

i Have My Books
and My Poetry To Protect Me;
i Am Shielded In My Armor,
hiding In My Room, Safe Within My Womb.
i Touch No One And No One Touches Me.
i Am A Rock,
i Am An Island.

and A Rock Feels No Pain;
and An Island Never Cries


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