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Song:Down low - Johnny B
Album:Viva 2000 '60 '70 '80 [disc 2] La Compilation Del MillennioGenres:Other
Year: Length:238 sec

Lyricist: Down Low


Check It Out
it's Eleven-Thirty My Hand Is Getting Dirty
snatchin' Up Things That Probably Can't Be Waitin'
now This Is A Vision Of A Violent Life
livin' By A Guard And Totem Of The Night
i'm Slammin' Doors 2-4-5 'n Pullin' The Keys
now These Are The Traged Valuable Luxuries To Me
in The Early Dawn Before You Yawn
i've Been There Swiped You And Then I'm Gone
now It's Six-O-Clock My Heart Tic-Tacs
a Black Sadden Bag Full Of Bad Ass Rocks
my Identity Has To Be Exposed
stealing From The Spot That I Chooly Chosed
i Lose And Enfuse My Choice To Chose
now I'm Sick And I'm Fallin' Deeper In The Mess
there's No Hope For Me See
my Path Has Been Chosen I'm Johnny B

johnny B How Much There Is To See
just Open Your Eyes And Listen To Me
straight Ahead A Green Light Turns To Red
ooh Why Can't You See Ooh Johnny B


the Situation's Tight
you Are Billin' By The Night
can't Choose Between The Wrongs And The Rights
i'm Searchin' For The Clues Yo-What Am I Gotta Do
i Got The Habit To Take Valuable Things From You
here I Stand And I'm Physically Trapped By My Tent
drifting Northern Breeze Triumphal Is This Adman
a Lonely Path When I Stand Alone
a Round Mothern Flexion Bendin' By My Own
here I Lay Down Into Certain Deaths
two Spirits Calls Grabs My Very Last Breath
sometimes I Wish Reveseness In My Path
a Simple Guest Or A Simple Laugh
but I'm Evil Dirty And Mean
two Pounds Blood Pasts Through My Bloodstream
frightened Huh You Should Be
who Am I I'm Johnny B


here We Go Here We Go Now Check The Flow
here We Go Johnny B Is In Control

it's A Sleepless Night He's Callin' Your Name
it's A Lonely Ride I Know How You Saw Him
again And Again He's Dressin' His Dreams
yeah Johnny My Friend It's Not What It Seems

repeat Chorus Twice


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