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Craig David - Four Times A Lady Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Four Times A Lady
Year: Length:203 sec


Oh lady
Got summit to say
Alright baby,
Oh yes I do
Ohhhh that lady
Mmmmm yeah
Got summit to say (x2)
Check it out...well
All up in the mix on a Friday night (Friday night)
Me and my guys looking oh so tight (oh so tight)
Bounce from the crew to the car
From the car fright away to the bar
Always love you from afar
Oh, that wait a minute yes
I'm loving it bad
Girl I really wanna come and get with you tonight,
Alright alright
Ooooh girl you look so fine
And I want you to be mine
Well, had nothing to lose
Thought I'd make my move
Getting close to you
Is all I wanna do (oh)
I can remember so clearly
You all up in your round
Didn't notice me
So maybe nows the time to make my move lady
So I asked her if she'd mind
Could we share a little time
Told me that would be just fine

Couldn't believe I had her by my side
Who'd ever thought she'd end up in my ride
Straight to the top
Girl you make me hot
And your just four times a lady

Spinning around with her all through the night
Gonna be making sweet love with her all through the night
Straight to the top
Girl you make me hot
And your just four times a lady

And she calls me up on the phone nearly every night
Just to make sure that i'm not feeling lonely, yeah
And she coming round, telling me asking I'm feeling uptight
Yeah baby
So I said that take my darling for a minute
She's the kinda girl you wanna have around who's all up in it
She's my everything
Takes good care of me
And she'd all the things that a girls supposed to be
Yeah, I can't imagine living without you
I love you, yes I do
Never thought my dreams would all come true
When I start to talk to you
Saw you out with your girlfriends
Thought she's so damn fine
And I wish that she could be mine
But every time I saw her
She'd always pass me by
Never could catch her eye

Your four times a lady
Yes you are
Your four, your four times a lady yeah
Your four times a lady
Oh baby (x2)
And you said to me inside you feel the same


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