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Haddaway - Give It Up Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Give It Up
Album:Hit Collection Vol. 1: The AlbGenres:Pop
Year:2005 Length:257 sec


All for money
Nothing for time
We want to go
That's our human right
They sleep on the door mat
They roam the streets
We got to help them
For our future peace
We all keep talking about
Brotherly love
The rich stay clean
And the poor gets the glove
I can't sleep at nights
When I see their faces
They young and the old
Give it up
If I could only show you love
Give it up
If I could show you how I feel
Give it up
Give it up
Well, Mama was talking
About the ways
They used the ways
Things were simple
And value was high
Everybody got a chance
To live or die
Today you've got it
Tomorrow you don't
But I want more
Love get it up
Show your love, yeah
Show your love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Give it up


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