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Song:The Dogtown Shuffle
Album:A Little Ain't EnoughGenres:Hard Rock
Year: Length:299 sec

Lyricist: David Lee Roth


Keep your eyes wide open, babe
If you decide to take the long walk
My city screams of danger

And you're on borrowed time
It comes from a jealous clock
And you're a permanent stranger

So the last of the wild frontier kings
Is held for further questioning
When nothing's left but death and taxes
The matter of the real fact is

You go through life as someone's doormat
Well you don't get no sportin' chance
Ain't too much distance 'tween a pat on the back
And a kick in the pants

You do the Dogtown Shuffle
I know you talk the talk?
Yes I do!
I do the Dogtown Shuffle
But can you walk the walk?
Lemme see ya do it one time

Some self-made guy gets it in the ass
At the local mini-mall
Looks more like a warning than an example

And late at night
They said he used to sleep the sleep of the just
I sleep the sleep of the just after

They said the wild boys go head to head
And like the good book says be quick or dead!
Ante up or let 'em go
'Cause I'm filing charges on your soul

It's just a joke and you're the punchline
Yeah, the streets are a million laughs
And if I must, well in God I'll trust
Everybody else gotta pay cash

You do the Dogtown Shuffle
But can you talk the talk?
Let me hear ya
Do the Dogtown Shuffle
But can you walk the walk?
Now purely off the record, man

Yeah, I figured I was gonna go down
And get a little breakfast at the local Taco Truck
Yeah, my guise could use some refinement
But I'm on a self improvement kick these days
So what the fuck?
Hey man, there was a line behind me
A line behind me

Yeah, they always try to nail ya
Mom, God, Pie the whole routine
Well here's a little trick that'll never fail ya
In your time of need

You do the Dogtown Shuffle
Yeah, can you talk the talk, baby?
Do the Dogtown Shuffle
Lemme see you walk the walk
Walk it

Are ya, are ya, are ya ready boots?
Start walkin'
Scuse me, but I'm, I'm, I'm new in town
I was wonderin' if I could get directions to your place?
There goes the neighborhood


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