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KROKUS - One for all Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:One for all
Album:Rock the blockGenres: 
Year: Length:216 sec

Lyricist: Krokus


One is a beggar in ragsOne is a victim of circumstanceOne is a queen dressed in blackAll working hard for the dollarMoney to keep 'em aliveIt's one big fight for survivalAnd I just cannot walk on byOne for all, all for oneNow won't you give 'em a dime?One for all, all for oneA little drop of your wine?!!One is a veteran soldierOne is a man of the clothHere come the sisters of mercyCollecting all that you've gotWith respect to your religion, manYour culture and your skinJust don't believe in your selfish godsShare your wealth and stop the terror from within!That's no way to go you know, yeahYou get greedy, you get fatAnd when you die you just can't take it with youAnyway, so, that's it brotherThe poorman gets poorer!!!
Krokus One For All


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