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KROKUS - Hot shot Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Hot shot
Album:Rock the blockGenres: 
Year: Length:214 sec

Lyricist: Krokus


Yeah listen!He was born with a silver spoon in a house at the edge of the townBefore his mama would let you play you had to lay your money down'I'm aliveYou'd better read my lips before you see me go'Cos here's what you should know!!!'Hot shot on the hillYou can do what you like'Cos your mama pays the billsHot shot on the hillSitting aloneLike a fool without a thrillNobody trusts himHe's the biggest joke in townYou can hear some crazy stories of how he liked to cheat aroundGoin' just too far nowBreakin' all the social rulesSteppin' on his 'would be' best friendsWhen there's someone new to use!How do you sleep in the night?Does your conscience tear you up and make you cry?I don't think you even have one, oh no!Hot shot on the hill, like a fool without a thrillHot shot on the hillHey, who pays the fuckin' bill??Ha ha ha!!
Krokus Hot Shot


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