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Song:First Things First
Album:Lost In The FeelingGenres:Country
Year:1983 Length:142 sec


Last night I had a blind date.
A situation that I usually hate.
I rang the bell, she opened the door
Wearin' a smile and not much more.
I said: 'You think you better get dressed for dinner'
She said: 'I'm dressed for dessert! Honey,
First Things First. First Things First'.

After dinner and the wine is gone.
It's back at her place with the TV on.
I said: 'It's gettin' late I should be gettin' home',
She said: 'You know I really hate to sleep alone.
Maybe it's best that we get some rest?',
While she unbuttoned my shirt she said,
'First Things First, First Things First'.

All night long I went along with her philosophy.
I must agree she got to me with her priority.
Waking up I never felt to good.
I'm seein' things I never thought I would.
Last night the lady made a change in me
And I'm seeing things a little differently.
So, ain't gonna hurry, no!

Ain't gonna worry why they wonder why we're late for work
We'll say, 'First Things First'.
Oh baby, First Things First.
Yeah, First Things First,
First Things First...


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